HP Slate 500 goes official

It's been around for some time, specifically since the last CES trade show at the start of 2010, when it caused much excitement at a presentation. But 10 months is a long time in technology, a period that's seen a lot of tablets at least as good as the HP Slate 500.

Of course, all tablets now stand in the shadow of the iPad and the HP Slate 500, whilst being a decent affair, is unlikely to blow it out of the water. According to TechRadar, the device has an 8.9-inch screen with Broadcom Crystal HD accelerator for playing high-def content, as well as an Intel 1.86GHz Atom Z540 processor, Graphics Media Accelerator 500 chip, 2GB of RAM and 64GB SSD.

There's also  two cameras – a VGA one on the front and a 3MP camera on the rear, for snaps and video calling, plus Windows 7 taking care of the operating system.

All of that will retail soon in the US for $799. A UK release date is not yet set, as the device will be 'evaluated for further market expansion'. We suspect that means 'if it sells well, we'll roll it out elsewhere'. So if you want one, keep your fingers crossed that the US market loves it lots.

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