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Customisation is key when it comes to the Jawbone ICON. Available in an array of colours, you can specify what tasks you want the multifunction button to perform. There's a host of different apps to download from the myTALK AudioApps feeds, including one which enables you to call a number or send a text by simply dictating it. And it's because of this customisation, crystal clear call quality and comfortable feel that the Jawbone ICON is Mobile Choice's Best Bluetooth headset for 2010.

RUNNER UP: Etymotic Etyblue2

The Etymotic etyBlue2's microphone hangs just a few millimetres from your mouth, providing a very clear call. With its multi-point technology, the etyBlu2's can be paried with up to two handsets simultaneously. The headset comes with four different sized ear tips, but, for an additional cost, you can have a set custom built for added comfort. However, while the Etyblue's microphone boom ensures a better call quality, we're not sure everyone will be comfortable with it hanging so close to their mouth, and it's for this reason it narrowly misses out on the top award.

RUNNER UP: Plantronics Discovery 975

Plantronics' AudioIQ² and WindSmart technology aims to ensure flawless call quality. Weighing just 8g, the Discovery 975 has two microphones to capture both the user's voice and cancel background noise, while voice prompts alert you to low battery and Bluetooth connectivity. However, though the portable charging case triples talktime, without it five hours just doesn't quite measure up to other headsets longevity.

RUNNER UP: Jabra Extreme

Equalizing incoming audio, Jabra's Noise Blackout Extreme technology automatically adjusts the volume depending on your environment amplifying for a quiet voice and reducing for more booming vocals, which is a relief as we found the manual volume controls to be a tad fiddly. The Extreme is also fitted with Acoustic Shock Protection that will help protect your ears from a sudden blast of noise, while the Ultimate-fit Eargels boast a one size fits all, moulding to any ear shape to ensure comfort and secure ness.

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