MOBILE CHOICE AWARDS: Readers' Dream Phone

We had the biggest number of votes in the history of our awards, with literally thousands to count through. While it was no landslide, you, are trusted and loyal readers have spoken and the handset that you would most like to own if money was no object is...


WINNER: Apple iPhone 4

They've done it again. Apple has revamped not only its software, but also its hardware in a bid to produce its most powerful iPhone yet. The iPhone 4 has a new operating system that enables multitasking, the best video calling facility we've ever seen, an improved camera and an even more vibrant and responsive touch-screen. Its form factor has also been marginally downsized (while maintaining the 3.5-inch display) with a fetching matt silver finish. The result is a handset that oozes usability, good looks and an arsenal of features. It's little wonder that you voted it Readers' Dream Phone.


RUNNER UP: Samsung Galaxy S

With its Super AMOLED display, powerful processor and and multiple connectivity points, the Samsung Galaxy S is everything a smartphone should be. We loved it and it would appear you did to, only narrowly missing out on top spot. Great for viewing and recording video, with access to the Android Market, users can pimp up their handset with all manner of apps, while the soon to be available Froyo 2.2 update should make it even more desirable.




It may have been out for longer than most of the phones on this shortlist, but the fact that you voted for it in your droves shows just how good the HTC Desire HD remains. With a large 3.7-inch touch-screen and a Teflon coat the phone has real standout  appeal. However, there's far more going on under the body of this beauty. With the ability to sync with all your social network contacts, an impeccably accurate GPS fix, and as close to a desktop-like browsing experience as you're likely to encounter, the HTC Desire deserves to maintain its place among the smarpthone top dogs.


RUNNER UP: BlackBerry Bold 9700

An oldie but a goodie, the BlackBerry Bold 9700 arrived on these shores almost a year ago. Despite this you clearly deem it as one of the most sought after handsets around. With its excellent emailing abilities (a given for any BlackBerry device), perfectly crafted QWERTY keyboard and enhanced processing power all packaged in sleek body complete with leatherette back, it's little surprise. Expect an OS 6 update from RIM anytime now.


RUNNER UP: Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

Size matters. At least it does according to you guys. The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 offers a gigantic four-inch display making it ideal for all your multimedia junkies. It's also a snapping titan with an eight-megapixel camera complete with all manner of features. Sony Ericsson has also introduced two innovative features; Timescape which cleverly streams all your social networking and correspondence feeds and Mediscape which stores all your music, photos and videos in one app as well as helping you find new music and information on similar artists.

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