Glorious silvery white chassis, retro black rubber accents and the barest hint of the chin that distinguished HTC's original Android phones. The Legend just beat out the iPhone 4's industrial new look with an aluminium unibody that's unique among mobiles. And of course, with HTC's lovely Sense interface sitting atop the excellent Android 2.1 OS, it's a breeze to use too.

RUNNER UP: Apple iPhone 4

The original iPhone iconised the tablet form for smartphones, and version 4 just turned it on its head with squared corners, glass front and back and metal trim. The better-than-real-life Retina Display is cool and all - if only iOS 4 was as fun and customisable as HTC Sense.

RUNNER UP: Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini

The smallest Android phone ever nearly didn't get made - Google's open-source OS is made for much larger touch-screens, but the powers that be just couldn't turn down that teeny yet eminently usable design - nor  Sony E's custom skin which puts a fun, fresh spin on Android.


HTC's mini version of its Windows-powered HD2 is smooth and flat like its predecessor, but extra style points come with the highly tactile rubberised back cover, offset by visible stainless steel screws. Sexiest of all, it comes off to reveal a surprising chrome yellow inside.

RUNNER UP: Motorola Flipout

The first clamshell phone was made by Moto, so little surprise it's done the Flipout, a perfectly square phone you flick open almost like a switchblade. Like a clamshell for the 21st century, the Android-powered Flipout is one funky phone that scores social networking points too.

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