Samsung Galaxy S gets Android update

Good news is you happen to ge using the Samsung Galaxy S in a Scandinavian country right now, you should be able to access the Android 2.2 update. Which is also good news for UK users.

According to TechRadar, users in Norway, Sweden and Denmark are now able to receive the upgrade, although it's only accessible using the Samsung Kies PC software rather than an over the air upgrade. Not ideal, but probably worth the effort. So what about us, UK users? Well, it looks like the update is godo to go, so as long as the networks don't find fault in it, the UK should be receiving the update sooner, rather than later.

Once it does arrive, the update to Android 2.2 should mean faster browsing, an improved battery life and new features, including 'Pinch-to-zoom homescreen flyover', a media hub, improved GPS, better keyboards and a new search widget and a new Gmail application. All for free naturally.

If we get a sniff of a confirmed UK date, we'll let you know.

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