Three completes first phase of network upgrade

Three has been busy working away at enhancing its network, with phase one complete, adding 4,900 sites at a cost of £400m would you believe.
According to Three, 3G population coverage across the UK is now close to 97%, with improved network access across areas where 45m people live, while total reach has extended by 50,000km. The network adds that 'an area more than twice the size of Wales' has been added to its 3G network. Not by throwing up more masts either, but by 'consolidating and upgrading equipment', as well as sharing sites with other providers. This has actually led to 5,069 fewer active masts across the country. Hurrah for that.

According to Kevin Russell, CEO of Three UK: 'Thousands of people across the country have put in a phenomenal amount of work to build the UK’s biggest Mobile Broadband network. Smartphone and Mobile Broadband use is exploding and we have built a 3G network that reaches further than ever before, as well as bringing more capacity into urban areas where our customers need it most.'

If you want to see what it all means in practice, head to a Three store. Apparently staff have access to 'an augmented reality app' which show in graphic detail how much coverage has improved. Obviously only do that if you are thinking of signing up with Three. If you aren't, it will probably be the most boring 15 minutes of your life.

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