Samsung Galaxy Tab available for a test drive

Fancy getting your hands on the Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet ahead of the official UK release date for free? Well, if you happen to be in London, you might be able to do just that.

According to Electric Pig Samsung wants 'Tube testers' for the device from 18th October, with a limited number of units being offered for loan from Liverpool Street, Highbury & Islington and Ealing Broadway. Ok, it sounds more like a marketing ploy than serious research (although the company claims its aim is to prove how handy it is on the commute), but we're not complaining.

Anyway, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Tube test programme will allow you to get hands-on with the device for a 48-hour loan on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week up until launch. To (attempt to) get involved, email or turn up at one of the stations and talk to someone official from Samsung.

Good luck with trying, we suspect there will be a fairly long queue. It mght take some time to get one as well, there's likely to be some kind of security procedure to go through before Samsung hands one out, unless someone has lost leave of their senses.

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