APP WATCH: Amazon updates iPhone app

Amazon has introduced an update to its iOS app, which is now version 1.2.8 and with one notable addition - barcode scanning.

So what does that mean in practice? Well, according to Pocket Lint, it offers another way of searching the Amazon database. Just line up the lines on your screen with the barcode and the app should, in practice, give you a list of products matching it. A bit of price comparison possibly, should you be in the high street and wondering if it's cheaper online. At least, with Amazon anyway.

Downside? Well, being hands-on with it this morning, it seems happier to work with some items than others and isn't instantaneous. Saying that, there might be a knack to getting it just right straight away. We hope so. If it isn't, we'll be back to good old fashioned searching.

But on the plus side, the app is free and comes with the added bonus of being able to do most of your Christmas shopping from your phone in the pub.

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