INQ to make Spotify phones

It's hard to imagine a world without Spotify right now, yet the service was only launched for public consumption in 2008. Since then, it has developed a huge presence on computers, but also on mobile phones - apps are now available for the platforms like Android, the iPhone and Windows. But now it looks like Spotify is actually getting its own phone range.

If you didn't know from the headline, I think it's fair to say you would have guessed on INQ being the maker. The company behind the rumoured Facebook phone, it does have a nose for what's hot in the mobile world, usually offering it at a budget price too.

According to Business Week, INQ CEO has Frank Meehan confirmed that the company is 'developing phones that make it easy for owners to use Spotify'. In  essence, that means deeply integrating Spotify’s services into its upcoming phones. While that provides an answer, it also poses another question. Is this another feature of the Facebook phone or a standalone Spotify model?

We simply don't yet know. The Facebook-friendly phones will launch in both the US and Europe next year, but right now, Spotify isn't available in the US. It is rumoured to be incoming very soon though, so an easy (and budget) way of accessing the service will be a winner on both sides of the Atlantic as we enter 2011, more so if mixed with some a;ways-popular Facebook integration. More on this when we have it - it's sure to run and run until a physical handset gets an official launch.

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