Sonim XP1300 Core launches

Yes, we know it rains a lot in the UK, but picking up the Sonim XP1300 Core because of the British climate might be a little extreme.

Saying that, this is probably the most consumer-friendly of all Sonim phones, but maintaining that tough persona should you want it at work or in climatic extremes. However, as the world’s first IP-68 waterproof rated GSM handset, it could save you lot of tears and money should you live and work near water and have some kind of accident.

According to Sonim, the XP1300 is submersible to 2m for 30 minutes and good against rain, fog and salt air. It's also impact proof, able to withstand a 2m drop against concrete and has a screen of Gorilla Glass for extreme shock and scratch resistance plus the ability to deal with extremes of temperature.

Other features include a long battery life Up to 18 hours of talk time (800 hours of standby), an omni-directional microphone with noise cancellation, a loud audio 23mm speaker and a video and MP3 player.

Ok, it's not an iPhone 4 or HTC Desire HD, but it doesn't pretend to be. If you need something a little more rugged than that, the Sonim XP1300 Core is out in a few weeks, retailing for £250.

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