Next tablet gets mauled by BBC

Remember the Android tablet from Next we mentioned a while back? On paper, it sounded promising and at £180, it was certainly affordable compared to the competition. But as ever, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

According to Crave, The BBC's technology reporter, Rory Cellan-Jones, got hands-on with the device. As it sports a 10-inch WXGA LCD touchscreen display, an Arm 11 processor, Wi-Fi, 2x USB ports, microphone and headphone sockets, 8GB storage, a card reader and the Android OS, you would suspect it might be a decent little tablet. Not a bit of it.

According to the report, he found a 'dreadfully poor' touchscreen and 'the least responsive piece of kit I have ever seen'. That's in addition to a slow start-up time and poor battery life, plus the fact that other journalists were laughing at him for using it. Oh the shame.

Still, it's only £180, what did he expect? Well, according to Cellan-Jones, the problem goes deeper than that. He believes the device (and others that will no doubt follow) could damage Android's long-term reputation as a tablet OS. Less is more if you like. Check out that report for more, along with a video review, for the full tale.

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