APP WATCH: Google Goggles for iPhone

We heard it was incoming, but we are still surprised to see Google Goggles land on the iPhone as quickly as it has. Saying that, it's been on Android phones since last December, so not that quick.

Google Goggles is now a feature of the Google Mobile App for iPhone. Once installed, just tap on the camera button to search using Goggles. Goggles will analyse the image and highlight the objects it recognises - click on that object to find out more.

Too good to be true? Well, in a way, it is. Google is at pains to point out that Goggles for iPhone is 'still a Labs product' and works well for things such as landmarks, logos and the covers of books, DVDs and games. But it doesn’t yet work for things like animals, plants or food.

We suspect it's geographically sensitive too, working better in the US than the UK, but we could be wrong. There's only one way to find out, download the Google Mobile App at the Apple App Store, the new version is out today for handsets running iOS 4 or above.

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