APP WATCH: Sonos for iPad

If you happen to have the uber-cool Sonos audio system around the house, as well as an Apple iPad, we have sone good news. The Sonos app for the iPad is now available to all.

What does that mean? Well, it means a massive remote control for your music. The Sonos app is a free download, allowing you more room to view album sleeves, information and playlists. And we all love more space, right?

Well, maybe not. Sometimes the smaller iPhone app might be more convenient, but if you happen to have your iPad on the go, this version certainly offers more, with the separate pages of the old app all fitting neatly onto a single screen here.

The app is free, but the system certainly isn't - you'll need at least a standalone S5 player and some kit (a Zone Bridge) to create your wireless music network to get going. But once you've got that, you'll never look back - the likes of Spotify, Napster,, net radio and of course, your own digital tunes, will get a new lease of life round the house.

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