Sony Ericsson LiveView launches

If you can't be bothered dragging that 'heavy' mobile phone out of your bag or pocket everytime you hear a ring or notofication, Sony Ericsson has just the thing for you - the Sony Ericsson LiveView.

It requires an Android phone, specifically an Android 2.0 handset or above to access, as well as an active Bluetooth connection. Got that? Well, the world of miniature networking is open to you.

And we really do mean mini, with an OLED screen of just 1.3 inches to throw out all that data. Read all your incoming messages, control the music playback, locate your 'lost' phone (within reason) and of course, keep up to date with every social networking update as it breaks. Yes, never miss a 'tweet'.

Mikael Henriksson, Head of creation and offering planning at Sony Ericsson Extras, said: 'It is our ambition to be THE Communication Entertainment brand and this includes being the most open mobile phone brand on the market. We believe in openness and offering consumers a wide range of applications to choose from. We will continue to develop accessories to ensure we play a major and groundbreaking role in the market and design innovative and exciting accessories for all platforms, including Android.'

Look out for it towards the end of the year, no price information as yet.

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