Sony Ericsson moves away from Symbian

Remember the Sony Ericsson Vivaz range? It included the original Vivaz and the Vivaz Pro, neither handset really setting the mobile world alight, although both sold in reasonable numbers. Despite those decent sales, Sony Ericsson is waving goodbye to Symbian as an operating system and presumably, the Vivaz name too.

Speaking to Business Week, Sony Ericsson's Aldo Liguori is quoted as saying: 'We have no plans for the time being to develop any new products to the Symbian Foundation standard or operating system.' That backs up previous comments by the company's Chief Technology Officer Jan Uddenfeldt.

It's another blow for Nokia and its Symbian operating system, the latter seeing a continued drop in market share, althoguh some decent upcoming launches from Nokia, not least the much-delayed N8, could level things out.

As for Sony Ericsson? Well, I think you know where the company is heading: 'We have made a significant shift to support Android,' Chief Creation Officer Rikko Sakaguchi said in July. But there could yet be another twist to the tale. Sony Ericsson remains a member of the Symbian Foundation and spokesman Liguori added that the use of Android is 'not exclusive, but it will certainly continue to be an important platform for us.' So not a final goodbye, but as near as you'll get.

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