Dell to launch 7-inch tablet

Dell was fairly quick out of the traps with a tablet device, the Dell Streak, which was on the shelves earlier in the year and is reviewed right here. But now it wants to do something bigger and possibly better.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Dell founder Michael Dell used the stage at an Oracle conference to confirm that the company is working on a 7-inch Android tablet. Yes, a whole two inches bigger than the previous offering. The Streak was essentially just a glorified smartphone, so it will be interesting to see if Dell goes for something more iPad-esque for its follow-up.

Sadly, Mr Dell didn't give any of the vital information - a specification, an arrival date, a price or even a glimpse of the model. That's perhaps because there isn't a finished model around as yet.


The clever money is on a launch at CES in January, an event which promises to be knee-deep in Android tablets.

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