APP WATCH: Shazam to be pre-loaded onto LG handsets

Shazam's music discovery tool has been a popular download for smartphones, 75 million people have downloaded it worldwide apparently. But if you opt for an LG phone in the coming months, you'll have no need to download - the app will be pre-loaded.

According to Shazam, the rollout has already kicked off, with the first phone receiving the app being the LG Optimus GT540. You can check out a review of that phone here. if you haven't got that phone and don't see yourself buying one anytime soon, other LG Android phones will follow suit soon enough.

Get it and you'll be able to identify a song that is playing with the option to buy the track, learn more about the artist or track, check out the top 'tagged music', find out tour info and buy tickets, watch YouTube videos, access the Shazam blog and share details via the social networks.

The free Shazam Android application on LG also comes with a seven day free trial of features from the premium Shazam Encore version, which including unlimited tagging.  Once the initial seven day period is up, you can pay a one-time fee of £2.99 for Shazam Encore or continue to tag up to five songs per month with the free Shazam App.

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