APP WATCH: Napster launches iPhone app

Napster has had an iPhone app ready to go for some time, but has decided against offering it out due to the licensing fees involved for streaming to a mobile phone. It now seems like that's less of a concern, as the Napster iPhone app has finally launched in the US.

With Spotify and its mobile apps yet to launch in the US, it makes sense for Napster to get in and take out a chunk of the market share now over there. So what about the UK? Well, according to Gizmodo, the company is 'in negotiations with the labels and collection societies for a UK app'. So look out for it in the very near future if you are a current subscriber or fancy giving it a try. It's around half the price of Spotify, but lacks the social tools of the latter. Swings and roundabouts you could say.

If you do eventually get it and you pay the monthly fee (£5 in the UK, $10 in the US), you'll get access to songs, albums and playlists, the latter being playable offline, along with recommendations and automixes. There's around 10 million tracks, enough for anyone's tastes.

As soon as we hear about the UK launch date, you'll be the first to know.

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