Facebook phone plans denied

This weekend, the web was awash with stories of a Facebook phone, a rumour started over at the TechCrunch website. That story as it stands has now been denied, although some of the detail cited does seem to have an element of substance.

The original story claimed Facebook was working with a third party on specific Facebook-funded hardware, but that aspect of the rumour is the one firmly rejected by Facebook.

According to Reuters, Jaime Schopflin, a spokesman for Facebook, said: 'Our view is that almost all experiences would be better if they were social, so integrating deeply into existing platforms and operating systems is a good way to enable this.'

Indeed, it's the line about 'deeper integrations' with mobile makers that seems to have kickstarted the rumour mill: 'The bottom line is that whenever we work on a deep integration, people want to call it a 'Facebook Phone' because that's such an attractive soundbite, but building phones is just not what we do,' Schopflin said.

It's a statement that leaves more questions than answers out there, as well as the prospect of new apps and functionality from Facebook in the coming months. In essence, that could turn a third party handset into a 'Facebook Phone'. Just don't expect the marketing literature to call it that.

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