Facebook Places lands in UK

Move over Foursquare, Facebook is moving in on your patch with the belated UK launch of Facebook Places.

Not a million miles away from Foursquare, Facebook Places allows you to post information based on where you are, so others can see where you are in real time - and of course, so you can stalk anyone in your own network. As long as they give you permission to do so.

You see, unlike other ‘always on’ services, Facebook Places does not record a user’s location unless you take a conscious action – such as checking yourself in or accepting a tag from a friend.  There are also privacy settings to give you control over who can see where you have ‘checked in’, the default being your friends. Privacy, you suspect, could be a significant issue, judging by the emphasis Facebook is placing on it at launch.

Faceboo Places is available in the UK from today via the Facebook iPhone application and on touch.facebook.com, just in time to find out what your friends are really up to this weekend.

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