Samsung Galaxy S gets Android upgrade date

We heard that a Samsung Galaxy S Android update was incoming, but now we have a date for the jump to 2.2 (Froyo). That date is September 23rd.

According to Android Spin, 'a source from within the Finland branch of Samsung' claims that the phone will 'definitely receiving new software for repairing Froyo builds on the 22nd of September, with the build expected to be released on the 23rd.'

Or in other words, the upgrade will be rolled out from 23rd September. It's a date that roughly ties in with a previous message from Samsung itself on Twitter. That claimed that the upgrade will be 'released for all networks at the end of September'.

Bear in mind this leak is from Finland. But it is highly unlikely that Samsung will limit an upgrade to a single territory. We suspect it's likely to be rolled out from that date through to the end of month. So at the very worst, you've only got a couple of weeks to wait.

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