Nokia launches Foursquare rival for Ovi Maps

It's not enough to know where you are - you gotta let other people know, too. That's where the latest Ovi Maps feature comes in. It's called Check In, which couldn't make it any more clear what it is you're meant to do.


Like location-based social networks Foursquare and Gowalla, Check In for Ovi Maps lets you post your GPS location with a message and/or picture to social networks including Facebook, Twitter and some regional ones such as Renren for China users.


You can go in via Ovi Maps, where the interface will have a new icon for Check In, or put a widget on the homescreen. You can check in privately for your own records or publicly so family and friends on Facebook etc know where you are - useful if you'd like to let a group of people know you've arrived somewhere (though everyone else on the network will know too).


If you've been using Ovi Maps' new pedestrian navigation, you'll also be prompted at the end of your journey to check in. The app keeps track of how many times you've been somewhere.


Freaked out by the thought of everyone knowing where you are always? The service is easily opted out of, and you can always check in without posting it to a social network. It's hard to see what this offers that Foursquare doesn't, but if you just like the idea of 'checking in' but not so much the mayor and badge rigmarole of Foursquare, this could be a more low-key, streamlined alternative.


Check In will be available on Ovi Store as an update to Ovi Maps, and is available for Symbian^3 phones as well as the Nokia N97 and N97 Mini.

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