LIVE FROM NOKIA WORLD: Nokia launches four new Symbian smartphones

Nokia has unveiled four smartphones running on its new Symbian^3 OS, including a revival of its Communicator range with the E7.


The E7 is a business device with a four-inch touch-screen that slides out at an angle above a full slide-out QWERTY. Made of anodized aluminium, it should feel like the N8 and play much like Nokia's powerful and sadly maligned N900. It will be preloaded with several office apps, including push support for Microsoft Exchange and high-security email.


We also heard about the C6 and C7 - two new social phones that will pack Nokia's new 'CBD', or ClearBlack Display, a premium touch-screen that offers higher contrast for hyper-clear display. According to Nokia, this means 'blacker than black, but also greener.' We're looking forward to getting hands-on to figure out what exactly this means. Social wise, we heard about 'So-lo', which will allow you to share your location with friends via Ovi Maps.


Finally, the N8 was trotted out agan. We've gotten demo-happy with this monster cameraphone before - but here are the facts again: 12-megapixel Carl Zeiss lens that rocks a Xenon flash along with the largest sensor on a mobile phone camera yet. It's also posed as a major entertainment device, with HD capabilities that allow you to play HD movies in full clarity on your TV, a graphics accelerator for smoother games and movies, and the ability to stream TV.


The N8 will be available in October, while the C6 and C7 will ship in Q4. No launch date was announced for the E7.


We'll be getting hands-on with these devices, so look out for our stories later!

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