Asda undercuts on iPod touch

The iPod touch becomes a more interesting device as each generation passes. Now onto its 4th incarnation, it's pretty much an iPhone without the calling (at least, traditional voice calls). So getting one cheap is certainly tempting.

That could be a reality as Christmas approaches, with Asda firing the first shot in what could be a price war. Apple products are rarely discounted, but Asda has knocked £13 off the Apple price, selling the 32GB model for £236.

Ok, it's not exactly a huge discount, but it is interesting to see the price cut implemented so soon after launch. What could be more interesting is the response of other large retailers. Supermarkets can sell at a loss, as they'll make it up on the bigger shop instore - but whether Apple will allow a price war to gather pace is a different question. If the others do retaliate (and Apple allows them access to stock), we, the consumers, could be heading for a very happy Christmas.

If you missed it at launch, the Wi-Fi-friendly iPod touch now offers FaceTime video calling thanks to a front-facing camera and mic, as well as the Retina display and iOS 4.1, the same operating system as the iPhone 4 for viewing and running those apps.

All of which is yours for £236 right now...and possibly even less soon.

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