Google Maps 4.5 gets Walking on Android phones

If walking, rather than driving, is your thing - and let's be honest, it is the healthy option - you might want to check out Walking Navigation (Beta). As long as you have an Android phone.

It's part of an upgrade to Google Maps, which has now hit version 4.5. According to TechRadar, it was announced at a Google Mobile event in London, with the update due to go live today.

Hugo Barra, director of products for mobile at Google, said Google wanted to offer walkers the same easy way to discover a city that cars currently have: 'We had the idea that people are now navigating using Google Maps, getting turn by turn navigation in your car, so now we're launching a walking version of that.'

'The new version of Google Maps will choose routes that are pedestrian only, such as not going down very hilly roads if there's an easy way to get around. It will also turn on satellite view automatically, which is really helpful for getting your bearings so you can know what's around immediately.

There's even a nifty 'vibrate to turn' alert feature, so you don't even need to have your phone in your hand. Unless you want to know which way to turn obviously.

Google also announced that it will also be bringing new features to Streetview on handsets, including 3D animations and interaction and a much-improved zoom feature. For all of that, check for a new update right now, it should be there.

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