Orange rolls out HD Voice service

We heard about the trials some weeks back so we can only assume that those trials went well, as Orange has now officially rolled out its HD Voice service.

Whether you can actually get it is a different matter. The service is hardware-specific - only the Nokia 5230, Nokia X6, Nokia E5 or Samsung Omnia Pro have the HD voice-enabled kit so far. You'll also need a 3G connection too. I think all of that officially qualifies it as 'niche' at launch, but time should see it head towards the mainstream.

But if you have it, your voice calls should sound more natural, clear and crisp, courtesy of a new 'codec' known as WideBand-Adaptive Multi Rate (or WB-AMR) which increases the bandwidth of the call from 300-3400MHz to 50-7000MHz. If that's a bit too 'science', let's just say background noise and interference should be a thing of the past. That's the theory anyway.

If you have the right equipment and network, it should be available to you now. If not, look out for other networks rolling out something similar soon.

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