Motorola launches 'life-proof' Defy

If you're the kind of person that drops your phone on beaches, in toilets or simply under your stiletto, behold the Motorola Defy.


Coining a new marketing buzzword, Moto declares the Defy 'life-proof', which essentially means its tough enough to resist dust, (some) impact and the odd spill. Apparently you can even take it into the shower - though actual submersion in water isn't covered. For all this protection, its remarkably svelte, unlike the dead-serious-about-toughness Sonim Land Rover S1 that has survived a fire engine running over it.


The Defy packs a 3.7-inch widescreen touch-screen set in a compact, rubberised plastic chassis with a five-megapixel camera (AF and flash included). The screen itself is made of 'gorilla glass' for ultra scratch resistant powers. Capacitive touch means it supports multi-touch, and the virtual QWERTY was quite fast and accurate.


In case you don't like virtual typing though, Moto has integrated Swype, an app that lets you type words simply by dragging a finger from letter to letter. The app is downloadable by any Android phone, but the Defy has the added functionality of alllowing Swype typing in any text field, not just messages.


It runs on Android 2.1 with the social networking interface, Motoblur. You'll be able to sync several social networks with your phonebook, and place widgets on the homescreen to display the latest updates. As in previous Motoblur handsets, these widgets are easily resizeable, and you can place as many as you want.


The browser supports Adobe Flash 10.1 so you can play those embedded videos. In our demo, it streamed from an online video site with impressive speed and clarity. It can also be used as a computer modem via USB connection.


The Defy launches in Q4, with price and carriers TBC.

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