Motorola Milestone 2 unveiled

Like a Chinese sweatshop pumping out your Nikes, Motorola is back with another two Android smartphones for your buying pleasure.


Along with the 'life-proof' Defy, we've seen the Milestone 2, an Android 2.2 QWERTY slider with a five-megapixel camera packing HD video capabilities.  The 3.7-inch widescreen touch-screen is high-resolution and example snaps we saw looked crystal clear, even when viewed on a computer monitor. The auto-focus was impressively able to capture a moving person to create a portrait with her face in sharp detail in front of an (artfully) blurred backdrop.


Unlike its brothers in the Milestone range, the Milestone is skinned with Motorola's social-savvy skin, Motoblur, which syncs social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and more. Homescreen widgets let you see the latest updates from each networks, and you can place as many as you want over the seven homescreens and create settings for each one to filter for, say, Twitter updates only or work contacts only.


As in the Motorola Flipout, these widgets are resizeable simply by holding and dragging on a corner.


In response to feedback from the Milestone, v.2 has an upgraded four-line keyboard with raised buttons, direction keys plus dedicated search and speech command buttons. appily, the awkward D-pad on the left has been removed, making typing far more comfortable, though the width means small hands may still struggle a little.


Motorola has preloaded several of its own apps, including the Connected Media Player which connects to Android app TuneWiki to tell you what the top music and video anywhere in the world are, and also provides album art and lyrics for each track.  


The phone is DLNA-certified so you can stream media wirelessly between it and other DLNA devices, such as a Playstation 3, and it can also be used as a modem via the loaded 3G Mobile Hotspot app. Like the Defy, the browser supports Adobe Flash 10.1, so you can play any web video.


The Milestone launches in Q4. Price TBC.

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