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It's cool to be green and though the mobile tech world may sit a little uneasy alongside eco-friendly initiatives we fully support a product when it is. Easy Energy's YoGen green travel charger is not only environmentally friendly it may also prove a godsend on those occasions you run out of juice. Using the kinetic energy generated by you repeatedly pulling the T handle, you will be able to charge a range of mobile phones (as well as Sony PSP's and some digital cameras) without any need of having to plug anything into a wall. We've seen it firsthand (check out the video below) and not only is it hugely transportable, weighing under 100 grams and smaller than some mobile phones, approximately one minute of "arm pull" will generate around 10 minutes talktime depending on how much battery your phone eats up.


Easy Energy concedes that it's not supposed to take the place of your actual

phone charger, but for that person who's always on the move or even more so the happy camper, it should prove a great mobile accessory. Boxed with a range of different tips, the YoGen can charge the majority of Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, HTC and BlackBerry phones as well as the iPhone.


The YoGen will be available from and other retail outlets for £19.99 from November.



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