Orange to introduce own-brand Android tablet

If Apple can do well out of a tablet, well so can Orange, At least that's what the company is hoping when its own-brand tablet lands before the end of the year.

According to Cnet, quoting French financial newspaper Les Echos, the device will be made by a 'large Asian manufacturer' and be 3G-enabled (as you would expect from a mobile network).

But here's the really big selling point - it will be cheap. How cheap? £205 cheap, which massively undercuts the cheapest 3G-enabled iPad, priced at £529. Still too expensive? According to that same report, there should be contract deals too, bringing the price down to around £80 if you sing up for two years or so. A bit like the netbook  deals offered by the networks.

The shelf date is late this year, but that could be France-only. However, it's likely that a UK launch will not be far behind. The world is going tablet crazy and if Orange can get a product with the right price on the shelves before Christmas in the UK, it's almost certain to do just that.

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