SkyFire browser heading to iPhone?

SkyFire has been making its mark on other platforms, but it looks like the browser could be heading to Apple's iPhone soon. Why is this such a big thing? Well, there are two very big reasons.

First, Apple is less-than-keen on accepting browsers into the app store, although it hasn't got a complete block on them. Opera has managed to mix it with Safari, but it is in a very small minority, so a browser making the cut is always big news.

However, there's another, much bigger reason for our surprise. You see, SkyFire is known for its ability to output rich media and video. Yes, that includes Flash video, something Apple doesn't welcome with open arms, as you well know.

But according to Mobile Crunch it just might be in the app store 'soon'. According to their sources, the browser has entered its 'final testing phase', with plans to submit the browser to Apple early next week.

There's no guarantee that it will be accepted, but we suspect that talks will have already gone on ahead of and during development, so it's looking good for making it into the app store in a matter of weeks or even days. It's already available for Android phones, check out the SkyFire website for everything that offers, including a demonstration of just how it converts video for viewing on your phone.

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