Google Goggles heading to iPhone

It's been around for some time on the Google-backed Android platform, but now it looks like Google Goggles will be heading to the iPhone before the year is out.

That's according to Google Goggles engineer David Petrou. According to The Register, he's quoted as saying: 'We're working on an iPhone version, and hope to have it out by the end of the year.' You can't be clearer than that.

If it's the same app as the Android one, Google Goggles will allow you to search by taking a photo, Google's software doing the legwork in identifying landmarks and objects. Think of it as a travel courier without the constant chatter.

Why the delay? Well, that's obvious really, different platforms require different coding, so Google is writing a new app from the ground up for iPhone users, something that takes time and a lot of testing.

The app is still in its development stage even for Android, but already has a huge database to work with. There are approximately a billion images recognised, with a specific result on approximately 33 per cent of the queries it receives. It's certain to be popular when it lands in Apple's app store - and that should be very soon.

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