APP WATCH: Google adds push notifications for iOS4

If you use the Google Mobile app on your iPhone 4 or iOS4-upgraded handset, the one missing ingredient has just been added - push notifications.

It's an update to the existing app rather than an all-new app, but a very significant one. While you hammer away at that game or get lost in editing photos, you can get updates about new email or any appointments coming up direct to your phone. You can use both the calendar and email updates exclusively too, should you only use the calendar or vice versa.

It's not the first app to do such a thing, many others do it already. But let's not dwell on the lateness, let's just appreciate how organised our lives will be from now on.

According to Google, the company has also added 'spiffy features to get you information faster', specifically for flight info, weather, stock quotes or currency conversion. All without costing you a penny as, just like previously, this is a free app or free update of the app.

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