Google launches Chrome to Phone

If you happen to flit between phone and computer on a regular basis, or need a few things on the go, you need the newly-launched Chrome to Phone app. Just as long as you have the right Android phone.

By 'right' phone, we mean an Android 2.2 phone, so if your phone has been upgraded, or your provider plans to upgrade it in the near future to Froyo, this is certainly one for you.

Simply install the extension and you can 'push' content from PC to phone - click the button installed and a web page, YouTube video, map or indeed anything online will be dispatched to your handset. Very useful if you need it when you leave home or the office.

Of course, the limitations of Android 2.2 mean only Nexus One and some HTC Desire owners can use it now - and only the ones that also use the Chrome browser So niche, but rather cool niche. Want to see it in action? Check out this video, posted online by Google.

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