Tesco introduces UK's cheapest mobile contract

Tesco has been ruffling a few feathers with its mobile deals of late, not least when it came to the launch of the iPhone 4. Sadly, its latest deal doesn't throw one of those in.

But it does proudly claim to be the UK's cheapest mobile phone contract. How cheap? Just £6 a month to feed your mobile, which should be fine if you happen to be heavy texter, possibly not so great if you love to talk . You see, the deal offers 'unlimited' texts, but just 100 minutes of talk time. However, there are other benefits - it's just a one-month contract, so the commitment is minimal and if you shop at Tesco, well there's even Clubcard points thrown in too.

Who is it aimed at? According to Lance Batchelor, CEO of Tesco Mobile and Tesco Telecoms: 'This deal is ideal for a younger market or any text addict out there who doesn't want to have to fork out a large amount each month but still wants to use their mobile to their hearts content. We've seen a big increase in SIM-only mobile tariffs as savvy spenders hang on to their handsets and shop around for the best tariffs available.'

So, the young, the text-addicted and the thrifty. If that's you and you've already got a handset kicking around, get on over to Tesco now for a bargain.

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