Vodafone's Android 2.2 update for HTC Desire incoming

After something of a PR disaster with its last HTC Desire update, Vodafone is looking to put that right with the Android 2.2 update, heading your way in a matter of days.

The last update for the Desire from Vodafone was widely-expected to be that Android update, but instead, Vodafone dropped a series of Vodafone 360 apps, a new Vodafone-branded start-up screen and various web shortcuts to the home screen along with a minor update to Android 2.1. None of which went down well with its customers.

With that in mind, Vodafone has issued a statement saying that the Android update to 2.2, based on the 'HTC open market version of the software' will be coming in the next '7 to 10 days'. That update will also remove the 360 applications previously installed. Like the 360 services? Don't worry, Vodafone has an app for that. Indeed, you can download more than one at the Android marketplace right now. Alternatively, a separate update will be offered at a later date, giving you the option of downloading or not.

So good news all round then, not least for Vodafone, which has suffered from a number of unwanted headlines of late. Don't worry - once that 2.2 update is in place, all will be forgotten.

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