HTC Schubert leaks online

We now know October is the month of the European launch of Windows Phone 7, but we still don't have a comprehensive list of handsets making their debut that month. Which is why we have so many leaks appearing online on an almost weekly basis - this week being joined by the HTC Schubert.

According to Engadget, the device is a 'day one' phone for Windows Phone 7, which means you should be able to grab one from your Windows Phone 7 network of choice on the day of launch. That's the theory anyway.

Sadly, details are scarce, but the imagery on offer does show a HTC Legend-style handset with aluminium casing finished with rubber or plastic curves on the back and of course, a camera with flash on the back. But you probably guessed that last bit.

Oh yes, there's a video too. You know, zoom-in shots, hand holds smartphone and show the screen, menu and back. If you want to check it out, you can see it right here. More details on the inner workings as soon as we have them.

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