Vodafone users not happy over HTC Desire upgrade

The HTC Desire has been the subject of the Android 2.2 rollout over the past week, but only for unlocked phones - the networks are dragging their collective feet with it as they tinker with the interface and do some extra testing. So when Vodafone customers heard of an update to their HTC Desire, most got very excited. Misguided excitement it turns out.

According to PC Pro, the update wasn't the anticipated Froyo update, instead it was a series of Vodafone 360 apps, a new Vodafone-branded start-up screen and various web shortcuts to the home screen.

The Vodafone forums are full of complaints, many from customers who felt they were duped into downloading the upgrade in the belief it was the incoming 2.2. Some have even claimed the Vodafone update has led to reduced performance and crashing apps.

Those aren't the only issues either. Some people are concerned about the addition of dating sites to the bookmarks (partners thinking the worst no doubt), while others claim the update has affected SMS functionality, messages now being duplicated on some handsets.

Speaking about the issues, Vodafone said it 'didn't intend to give the impression that it was the Android 2.2 upgrade' and with regard to the 360 services: 'Customers have a choice to use those services if they want to.'

So it looks like they'll be staying. Bad news for customers, not great for Vodafone's PR either.

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