HTC Hero and HTC Desire Android upgrades announced by Three

With updates flying in for unlocked handsets, delays from the networks in implementing upgrades to contract phones are very frustrating. But if you happen to be with Three, there is some good news for owners of the HTC Hero and HTC Desire. Or at least, some certainty.

According to TechRadar, Three has gone public with its upgrade policy for both handsets. Regarding the Hero, it said: 'Three has now tested and approved the 2.1 update for HTC Hero and it has been submitted to Google to get the final go-ahead. We're hoping that they can approve it within the next 2 weeks and then we can start updating Three customers with HTC Heros.'

So good news there, but what of the Desire upgrade that went to unlocked phones last week? On that score, Three said: 'Although the HTC Desire update was released for unlocked phones last week, HTC are building a specific version for Three which will take them a few weeks. Once we have this version it will be tested, approved by Google and then rolled out to customers.'

'Although it goes without saying that we will get the update to customers ASAP, it's likely to be towards the end of summer until we can guarantee a problem free version for our customers.'

Which probably means September, which is only a matter of weeks away. But it does follow a similar path to the other networks, all of which need an amended version of the OS followed by testing before they get rolled out. A case of being safe rather than sorry, although that's little comfort to anyone desperate to get hold of the new features offered by 2.2.

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