Carphone Warehouse launches Music Anywhere

If you have a lot of music hanging round your hard drive and like the idea of it being played on your mobile phone, here's a solution - Music Anywhere from Carphone Warehouse.

It's an interesting concept if you have plenty of music, perhaps not so great if you don't. Here's the deal - a desktop application will scan your computer, checking out the songs living there. They don't even have to be named, the app will scan and match the tune. Clever eh?

The next step is to install the app on your smartphone of choice (BlackBerry, iPhone or Android) and with that, you'll have the means to stream your tunes to your phone without having to turn on your computer. How? Well, similar tunes are streamed from a central point rather than your computer. That could be in higher quality and could include tunes you''ve downloaded illegally. It doesn't matter, because a royalty is being paid everytime the tune is played. So that dodgy Dylan download suddently becomes legitimate.

£29.99 per year gets you through the door for 2GB of music and as we said, if you have lots of music locked on your computer, might be decent value. Although we suspect if that music is obscure indie vinyl rather than Coldplay's platters, there might be one or two problems with matching up. Only time will tell.

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