Dropbox lands for BlackBerry users

If the capacity on your BlackBerry is ready to hit the max, you might want to check out Dropbox, newly-launched for BlackBerry smartphones.

According to Pocket Lint, Dropbox is a cloud-based file backup and sharing service, launching in beta for very limited numbers - initially as small as just 500-1000 people. So if you want in, get in now.

The idea is simple, but effective. You can access and view any files that you have stored in your Dropbox folders on your computers, as well as being able to upload content created on your RIM device to your Dropbox 'cloud'. Things like audio files, videos and photos. Clearing out obviously means more space for new files, which is no bad thing.

You can install Dropbox on any number of PCs and Macs, with files syncing across all machines, as well as offering virtual copies on the website and old versions of files for reference. Interested? Get in now while there's still room.

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