BlackBerry tablet likely to be called BlackPad

Rumours of a BlackBerry tablet have been flying around for some time now, especially in light of the new BlackBerry OS 6, an operating designed as much for touchscreen devices as it is smartphones. But now it just might have an official name.

According to Fone Home, RIM has purchased the domain name, indicating that it could be the name of RIM's BlackBerry tablet. The company's details are on the WHOIS record, with the domain purchased just a few days ago.

Of course, it might be a case of RIM buying all names similar to the final one or indeed, any sites that could pass themselves off as an official site. At just a few quid to buy a domain, it's not an expensive thing to do just to cover some bases.

But 'BlackPad' does have a ring to it. A very 'Apple' ring with a BlackBerry twist. We don't think you'll have long to find out - the tablet is expected to arrive before the end of the year.

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