New Amazon Kindle launches in UK

Reports of the Kindle's decline seem to have been somewhat exaggerated. Indeed, there is news of an all-new Kindle device, which is heading to the UK next month.

According to TechRadar, the new Kindle is 15 per cent lighter and 21 per cent smaller than the current device, but will offer a web browser of sorts, as well as an article viewer.

Speaking to the BBC News about the launch, Steve Kessel, the vice president of Kindle, said: 'In coming years I do think that the majority of books sold will be digital. People prefer the reading experience, you have your library in your hands and can think of a book and download it 60 seconds later.'

Whether that's via the Kindle, the iPad, a BlackBerry table or a Windows 7 or Android device will only become clear over the next 12 months. But right now, Amazon's Kindle is very much still in the game. Price is on its side too - a Vodafone-powered free 3G device will well for £149, while a Wi-Fi-only Kindle is ours for £109. Both are pencilled in for 27th August with more than 400,000 books on offer initially in the Kindle UK book store.

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