HTC Desire set for Android 2.2 upgrade

If you are an HTC Desire user, you have our permission to get excited - the Android 2.2 upgrade is on its way.

The first sign was via Twitter. According to Pocket Lint, Mark Moons, regional director of HTC Benelux at HTC, said: 'We start tomorrow with the upgrades to 2.2 for Android Desire, later devices'. That's a translation by the way, but you get the idea. He also added words to the effect of: 'That does not mean everyone gets [it] directly tomorrow...there is a bandwidth limit'. So if not Friday, very soon.

This was backed up by Eric Lin, HTC's global PR and online community manager, who said he company is: 'To begin rolling out this update very soon, possibly as early as tomorrow [Thursday 29 July], but some things still need to be checked before we can confirm a specific day'.

So we can presume it's this week or next. Good news if you want faster browsing and apps, not to mention Flash for said browsing and the option to turn your phone into a hotspot. You can find out all about the new features here.

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