APP WATCH: Sky+ app for Android

Already available for iPhone, the Sky+ App is now available to use with Android phones.

According to TechRadar, the Android version os free, although 'free' isn't the full story when you take into account the Sky kit and subscription costs. But if you already have those, let's just say it's no extra charge.

One downloaded, you can hook up with your Sky+ and Sky+HD boxes to set recordings via your phone, just in case you happened to have forgotten about the Sweeney repeat on ITV4 when you left the house this morning. Not just the day either, it offers a seven-day EPG if you are away from home for a longer period.

Speaking about the launch, David Gibbs, Sky Mobile General Manager said: 'The success of the Sky+ app indicates that there is a real demand for innovative products such as Remote Record, which gives our customers more choice and control to plan their viewing over the TV love when they are on the move and away from home'.

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