APP WATCH: Cloud Music for iPhone

The clue is very much in the name when it comes to Google Docs, a place to access, store and share your documents, whether they be Word documents, spreadsheets or PDFs. But the Cloud Music app aims to change that, whether Google likes it or not.

An iPhone app, according to Music Ally it allows you to access music and video files (mp3, mp4, wav) via your iPhone for playback wherever you are. Upload an album as a folder with a cover image and you'll even see the artwork as the music plays. You can even share music or access music shared by your friends.

Storage? As much as you can squeeze out of your Google Docs zone we suspect, which is a serious amount of hosting space. The only downside is that you'll need a computer to upload the music files in the first place, you can't upload via a phone.

But if you can deal with that, the app is cheap enough at $1.99.

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