RIM shows off multimedia side of BlackBerry OS 6

Anyone who has owned a BlackBerry will know multimedia has never been a big selling point. Functional, rather than spectacular. RIM hopes to change that with the BlackBerry 6 operating system.

Ahead of launch, the company has been showing off a few new tricks, everything from music to video uploads. Music is a good place to start, with album art added in for music, as well as the ability to 'swipe' through your audio library to search for tunes.

Photos will also get an overhaul, rather than just a mass of shots, you can group by event or date, with the option of a slideshow, 'pinch to zoom', on-board editing and easy sharing. Talking of sharing, that's a selling point for video too, with a new YouTube video uploader. Or if you just want to watch your clips, you can do that in original size or full screen or you can use the new universal search feature in BlackBerry 6, allowing you to search internet video sites such as YouTube.

RIM has also added a podcasts app, allowing you to download new podcasts on the go (no PC required), but does say it will be 'preloaded with BlackBerry 6 in North America'. The UK? We'll just have to wait and see. Finally, RIM is planning to make it easy to find multimedia apps - just select 'Explore Music Apps', 'Explore Video Apps' or 'Explore Picture Apps' from the main menu screen within the media player, and you will get a direct link to quickly discover popular media apps from each of those categories from the BlackBerry App World storefront.

It all sounds interesting, but once more, RIM leaves a big question unanswered. Just when exactly is it being launched? Looks like we'll have to wait even longer for that - a few more 'insights' look likely before we get anywhere near.

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