APP WATCH: Skype multitasks for iOS 4

Skype has joined the iOS 4 multitasking party, offered an improved version of the Skype app that essentially offers you more freedome as you chat.

According to Engadget, the new app is an improvement visually, with 'retina display-friendly graphics', but as you've probably guessed, that's just a side show.

What you'll be downloading this app for is that multitasking, offering you background VoIP and a notification window when you get a call or message. Or in other words, you can chat to your friends and family via Skype as you play a game, answer an email or whatever you like doing as you chat away on your phone.

It's not perfect - you can't IM a friend whilst browsing a website for instance. Nor can you use Skype for video calling, despite the new iPhone 4 having a camera to do just that. But it is an improvement and maybe a first step into something even better. Skype has already made it known that it is keen to get involved in video calling. Just a matter of Apple opening the door.

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