ASUS Eee Pad goes Android as Windows 7 HP Slate returns

We have commented in the past about the number of tablets heading to market at the back end of 2010 and into 2011, but that number just keeps on increasing by the week. Indeed, this week we have a new launch from Toshiba, an old launch re-emerging and a confirmed launch changing operating systems. Confused? Don't worry, we can fill you in with all the details.

First, the ASUS Eee Pad, which we we featured back in June. Originally scheduled as a Windows 7 device complete with Intel's Core 2 Duo CULV processors, a long battery life and intergrated webcam for Skype, the 10-inch model is now opting for Android, according to Pocket Lint. Whether that's the case for the 12-inch model isn't clear. Android 3.0 will be the OS in question, meaning 2011 is probably the launch date, showing off at the CES trade show no doubt.

Talking of CES, HP caught the eye with a tablet at this year's event, going by the name of the HP Slate. It broke before the iPad and used Windows for its operating system. Since then, little has been heard and with a webOS tablet confirmed, the general presumption was that the Slate was no more.

Wrong. The Slate has been officially listed on the HP website, although the pages were subsequently removed. It offers up an 8.9-inch touchscreen, two cameras (one video, one stills) and Windows 7 for the operating system. Other details are scarce, not least the price and release date for the six models listed. More to come on this one, but at least we know the Slate is alive and well.

This week's new tablet launch comes courtesy of Toshiba. In Australia, the company launched the Smart Pad, complete with HDMI and USB connectivity and either Android or Windows 7 for the OS. It can run both, but as yet, Toshiba hasn't decided which way to jump. Another item likely to be see at CES and on the shelves in 2011.

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