BlackBerry Storm 3 gets detailed

The BlackBerry Storm 3 is one of the most eagerly-anticipated smartphones in the company's history, not least because it is going to come armed with the equally-anticipated BlackBerry OS 6, an operating system designed to work with touchscreen devices. Will it be an iPhone and Android beater? Early evidence suggests maybe not.

No official launch has been mentioned to us as yet, but a slide from a recent training presentation has made it into the public domain, listing just what will be in the Storm 3's armoury. Disappointingly, a very blurred image of the phone shows a profile not dissimilar to the current model, something far more chunky than the new iPhone 4 and recent Android touchscreens. If you buy a phone purely on looks, the Storm 3 is unlikely to float your boat.

But if substance means as much as style, maybe the Storm 3 will work for you. According to Engadget, the redesign is almost entirely for supporting the new OS 6 we detailed last week, throwing in a doubling of RAM to 512MB, an enhanced 5-megapixel camera with new interface and 802.11n Wi-Fi.

But there's also mention of '3G mobile hotspot' coming soon, which sounds suspiciously like the hotspot functionality recently added to Android phones. Very useful for the businessman on the go we suspect. It's a high point for a handset that looks to have undergone evolution rather than revolution. Although seeing that OS 6 hands-on just might sway us in a more positive direction.

The Storm 3 seems to be scheduled for an autumn release, around the same as the new operating system in fact.

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